WegoWise (Branding)

This is a buliding analytics web product that sources from the largest database of multifamily utility data in the world. The goal with branding is to move past the look of a startup, and to afix itself as a confident, professional though-leader.

Branding, Illustration, Web, Collateral

Previous Branding

The previous branding expressed a look that was too small-time and quaint. It lacked a cohesive and modern look.

New Branding

The new branding opted to continue with the cityscape/village look, but turns those buildings into more structural components that could represent different facets of WegoWise.

These buildings were created not just for a flexible and ownable style, but to show the progressions of building analytics – from liveable building, to blueprint, to a tool of measurement.

Colorful and visually interesting layouts bring more freshness and vibrancy to the offering. This sort of confidence was important for breaking out of the startup style.

This simple and shape driven layout structure allows for creativity in animation, color and iconography.

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