With Skytap I had the opportuity to do a redesign of their existing content. This includes graphics and overall aesthetics. The company creates cloud-based product testing environments that are customizable in terms of computing specs. These environments are connected and peer reviewed with various methodologies.

The design challenge for me was to digest all the language/information, and translate that into a central idea.

Creating a Visual System
In order to best articulate the complexity of their offering, I found it best to distill the graphics down to a basic language. It's represented by a white circle for a person, and a blue circle for an environment.

That language was extended to their icon and graphics packages. It helped form a foundation for building out their entire design system, and add simplicity to something that really needed it.

Making things fun. Another challenge was to create fun. With that fun comes engagement and visual interest, and wihtout it a potentially dry subject get's drabbed down.

A website aesthitic was made to match that planetary/cloud-floating/futuristic feeling.

Who I've worked with: AppFolio, WegoWise, DFW Airport, PlayNetwork, Puyallup Fair, McDonald's, Credit Unions of Washington, Starbucks, Taco Cabana, Skytap, Western Union, Mrs Baird's Bread, Eneloop.

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